Storage Performance Analytics: the New Storage OS 2.16

Cutting straight to the chase, Syneto Storage OS 2.16 will give you complete and transparent access to your storage’s performance information with a wide range of customisable storage performance analytics. This will always “keep you in the know” regarding what your data is doing on the array and allow you to optimise as needed. There are also many new smaller features and fixes for Storage OS‘s Server Virtualization, High Availability and VMware …

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Questions about VDI or Private Cloud deployments?

Gain knowledge on how to achieve your storage goals by seeing how the University of Milan easily deployed a VDI storage as well as a Private Cloud solution, both based on Syneto Storage. VDI Case Study Learn how you can use a Syneto Extreme Series storage, which reaches 250.000 IOPS, to deploy hundreds of virtual machines with instant provisioning and scalability. VDI Case Study Private Cloud Case Study See how …

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ITAKE vs. DevTalks – Two Conferences Side-by-Side

Separated by only a couple of weeks, two software conferences took place in Bucharest at the end of spring 2014: ITAKE Unconference at its 2nd edition and DevTalks at its first. Both conferences pretended to focus on software development and both were oriented toward people writing software on day to day basis.I had the pleasure of speaking at both conferences, and though my speeches were very different, I can compare the two events from …

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A dive into filesystems – ZFS – part 1

I’m starting a series of posts about ZFS. I will try to provide as much as possible architectural diagrams and code examples. The series is for people wanting to learn more about general filesystem architecture, especially about ZFS (OpenZFS). I will restrict myself for now to the implementation and architecture on Illumos, the open source fork of OpenSolaris. Let’s start with the higher level abstraction, the Virtual File System. Like …

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New technical support ticketing system

In the endless quest to provide a better experienced for you, the user, we have decided to change our support ticketing system. We are switching to a new platform which allows for better communication, interaction and response times for interventions and fixes You can use this button to open a ticket: Open a ticket Or, you can learn more about Our support plans

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