Syneto is now an elite level VMware Technology Alliance partner

We are very proud to announce Syneto is now a Elite Technology Alliance partner for VMware. As a WMware partner, Syneto now has access to all the resources necessary to provide even better customer support and advanced VMware integration features. Syneto Storage OS brings the power of a ZFS storage system into the partnership. VMware virtual machines hosted on a Syneto Storage benefit from all our advanced Disaster Recovery, Business …

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Syneto Storage OS 2.14 Released

Syneto Storage OS 2.14 is out. This release has been mainly focused on consolidating and improving existing features that make Syneto Storage OS so great, especially our converged storage solution for deploying and provisioning local virtual machines and virtual servers. Local Virtual Machines Syneto Storage OS 2.14 greatly improves the management of on-storage virtual machines by allowing multiple disk management for every VM. The management UI has been completely overhauled …

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High Availability Demo

One picture is worth a thousand words. One movie is worth a thousand pictures. That’s why we decided to show you how awesome and simple is to configure our new High Availability feature on Syneto Storage OS.

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The new Storage OS 2.13, out now!

The next step in the evolution of our High Availability infrastructure is here. Storage OS 2.13 takes a big step into the realms of enterprise grade clustering with active-active architecture and management of multiple pools within the same cluster. Active-Active Cluster Architecture Storage OS 2.13 introduces active-active clustering by allowing you to add pools to any of the two cluster nodes. Each node will be able to host and provide …

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The Depths of Software Defined Storage – An Infographic

Here’s an infographic which includes all there is to know about Syneto Storage. Take a look:

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